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Worried about Face to Face Meeting?


Channleging part of Face to face meeting is clarity of voice and quality of picture. This type of problem may cause you to miss important parts of the communication. Things goes worser when you connect with so many people at a time.


Limited by small screens?


Most laptops are all about staying productive on the move. They’re slim, light and easy to carry, but that also means you need to work on a small screen, which can make certain types of work more challenging.


Struggling to adjust to working from home?


Transitioning from an office to working from home brings a unique set of challenges. In addition to adjusting to a new rhythm of work, there are also practical considerations, such as ensuring that you have the same files, applications and settings as you do at the office.


Trouble with lagging conference calls?


Lag in important video calls and long file downloads are usually due to unstable and slow WiFi. This type of lag is not only annoying for you and your colleagues, it also may cause you to miss important parts of the call.


Not enough room to work?


You never planned on working from home for an extended period and now you may find yourself looking for a place to set up everything you need to get work done.


Face-to-Face Meetings

Without traveling Thousands of Miles


We have variaty of solutions to resolve this Face to face meeting issue. For large number of employee communication you can use Hangouts Meet kit. For personal use you can go with a MiniPC along with a good camera and Spekermic solutions.


Worried about Face to Face Meeting?



The substantial extra space offered by a dedicated external monitor makes performing everyday computing tasks much easier and more enjoyable, especially for multitasking with multiple apps and windows open at the same time.


Limited by small screens?



ASUS offers a range of laptops that enable you to be more productive wherever you work. Combining ultrafast performance with thin and light designs, ASUS laptops let you work without limits to maximize your efficiency.


Struggling to adjust to working from home?



ASUS WiFi 6 routers provide higher capacity, speed and coverage, making them a great choice for smooth conference calls and file downloads. With AiProtection network security and built-in VPN functionality, you can make sure all your company information is kept private and safe. You can even optimize your experience by prioritizing call packets.




ASUS offers a range of solutions that are big on performance but small on size. Laptops, Mini PCs, Chromebox, compact keyboards, wireless mice, webcams and many other products give you all of the tools you need without taking up extra space. Their compact size enables you to move your workspace easily, so you can switch things up frequently and work from different areas of your home.


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