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nationalPC E-Waste Management Program

Why Recycle?

Obsolete computers, laptops, and various electronic devices harbor hazardous chemicals that pose environmental risks when discarded in landfills alongside regular waste. Recycling these items ensures that the metals, plastics, and components they contain are disassembled and repurposed for manufacturing new products. This not only conserves resources but also safeguards the environment against the potential release of harmful chemicals through unregulated disposal.

Join us to ReCycle:

nationalPC collaborates with recycling partners who adhere to the highest environmental standards, prioritize worker safety, and abide by global environmental regulations. Our dedication to recycling old equipment stems from our broader commitment to environmental stewardship. As of 2015, the global recycling rate for end-of-life products stood at approximately 11% of the total weight sold.

If you possess any end-of-life IT products falling within the specified categories, regardless of the brand, you can bring them to designated drop-off locations for proper disposal and recycling.

Accepted recycled product categories include mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, projectors, LCD monitors, PCs (including all-in-one PCs, mini PCs, EBoxes, and PC accessories), motherboards, batteries, and VGA cards.

As a socially and environmentally conscious corporate entity, nationalPC is dedicated to ensuring the safe and responsible management of electronic waste (e-waste). To uphold this commitment, we have established a specialized team trained to systematically channel e-waste from end customer premises. This team works closely with our recycling partner, E-Scrappy Recyclers, to ensure efficient and sustainable processing.

In our efforts to manage e-waste logistics effectively, we have enlisted Professional Logistics as our trusted partner. They oversee the reverse logistics process, facilitating the collection of e-waste from designated points and providing door-to-door collection services. Through this collaborative partnership, we guarantee that e-waste is managed in an environmentally safe and compliant manner, in alignment with rigorous sustainability standards

General Schemes of Collection


We aim to streamline the collection of E-waste from both bulk consumers and individual customers, as well as residential associations, in collaboration with our PRO partner. Through email communication, we will inform these stakeholders about the collection process. Additionally, we intend to deploy collection bins at various residential complexes and organizations to facilitate convenient disposal of E-waste over time. Consumers can also contact our toll-free number for coordination in selling back their materials. To incentivize participation, we will offer rewards for the materials returned to us.

Exchange and Coupons:

As part of our special collection scheme, we will issue 1% Discount Vouchers to customers who return End-of-Life (EOL) products to us. This exchange program will be available to all customers, with the discount value capped at Rs. 1000, depending on the condition of the returned product. Customers can redeem these vouchers on future purchases from our company.

nationalPC E-Waste Management Program

nationalPC E-Waste Management Program

nationalPC E-Waste Management Program

Why Recycle?

Old computers, notebook computers, and other electronic equipment contain hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when disposed in a landfill with trash. By recycling, the metals, plastics, and components found in an old computer will be broken down and reused to make new products. And, the environment is protected from any uncontrolled release of harmful chemicals.

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